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Have you ever dreamt of a robot that would adapt to your changing desires, slowly growing in diameter as you radiate more and more excitement? The Dragon Tongue- a breakthrough so alluring, so innovative, that it makes your romantic moments come out a summary of your own bardic epic.

Along with the adoption of the mighty Dragon Tongue, find ways to navigate its immense thickness. Indulge yourself in pure excitement as you abundantly smear your lube on, the next step before you reach the climax of this indescribable experience. The Dragon Tongue provides the delight of softly and gently shining an unbound desire till an experience that is out of the ordinary.

However, the therapeutic effect of art is just a small part of it. The major part lies in enjoying the art for its very own sake. You don't have to break boundaries to discover new exquisite pleasure; Hrímnir's tongue will sever all norms and take you to unknown areas of pleasure. Visualize the excitement here as this perfectly-sized, almost living thing grasps you and power lifts you up to heights you have never seen before, very responsive to your commands and cravings.

Have you thought about how it would be if someone would glance towards you with the passion and intensity that only true love can bring? The Dragon Tongue promises a ride of euphoria that takes you to an alternate reality so dazzling that it's almost like a mythical being is opening up your depths and meeting all your wants. This isn't just a muhlf-plants toy; it's a vision into the realms of inexorable pleasure.

Feel the Dragon's embrace si you rise above your fantasies and continue with the pleasure. The novel Hrímnir Tongue is designed in a unique way to allow every step a new discovery, every touch a mystery. Submit yourself to the satisfaction that comes along with the whole process – when you are a lone rider, your very existence is spontaneously adjusted to your liking which finally brings you above and beyond mere satisfaction.


  • Total Length: 21.5cm
  • Internal Length: 19cm
  • Diameter: 5.9cm
  • Color: Mixed Color
  • Material: 100% Premium Platinum Medical Grade Silicone

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